The Montgomery County Maryland Democrats Voter Protection Team

Please volunteer here for the Voter Protection Team.

Elections need close watching. An election can have problems for many reasons. We are fortunate in Montgomery County, Maryland in having dedicated and well trained election officials and volunteers, but a complex event that happens every year or two cannot help but have minor slip ups. We must be vigilant so that small errors are corrected quickly and that bigger errors that seriously affect the results don’t happen.

To keep our elections fair and accurate, the Democratic Party has, for many years, provided a team of trained volunteers as an independent monitor of our elections. The goal is that every eligible voter who wants to can cast a vote that is counted. We never ask the people we assist how they voted or how they will vote.

We are a team of  volunteers who–

Before Election Day
1. Examine current law and recommend improvements.
2. Work with the Board of Elections and the State and National Democratic Party to foster fair and accurate elections.
3. Work with candidates and their staff and volunteers to educate them about election law and regulations.
2. Answer individuals’ questions about registering and voting.

During Early Voting and on Election Day
1. monitor the polls and respond to any irregularities
2. Operate a hot line to answer questions about voting and receive reports of irregularities.

After Election Day
1 Work with people who have voted provisionally so that their votes will be counted.
2. Assist in resolving any uncertainties or irregularities.
3. Compile our field and other experiences to recommend improvements in our election process.

Questions? Email

Marc Hoffman, Chair, MCDCC Voter Protection Committee