Voter Protection Committee Planning Meeting June 25, 2019

We held a planning meeting of the Voter Protection Team.   11 people of diverse expertise and interest attended.  A report on the meeting will be posted to this website as soon as it is available.

Various documents referred to at the meeting will be posted to the Voter Protection Materials section of this website.

Tuesday June 25 7-9:30 pm,  MCDCC office, 3720 Farragut Ave, Kensington, Md.


7:15-8:15 Topics in voter protection

  • What is voter protection? Compare to Voter Engagement, Voter outreach, Campaigning etc.
  • Legal framework of voter protection
  • Problems impeding the voters in Montgomery County, statewide, and other jurisdictions
  • Security of the vote
  • Structure of the voter protection effort

8:15 Questions and discussion

8:30-9:30 Small group planning sessions. Possible break-out groups depending on attendance:

  • Volunteer recruitment and training
  • Analysis of current regulations and procedures
  • Preparing for voting days activities
  • Cybersecurity
  • Coordinating with other bodies
  • Help to other jurisdictions

(As of 5/26/19)